Queer East Festival 2024. Shorts: Stranger Than Fiction

Queer connections can be found in the most unlikely of places: a messy London flat, an Indonesian ashram, even a deserted playground at night. Through secret codes and subtle signals, queer people have always been able to find each other and form communities. This collection of shorts encapsulates the excitement and mystery of meeting someone new, opening up possibilities for self-discovery and reinvention. Films: Strange An introverted Tokyo high school student encounters a depressed drag queen, and they learn to overcome their fears. Dir. Ken Ochiai | Japan | 2023 | 15min Blue Rain A ruthless underworld figure unwittingly finds himself drawn to a young man. Dir. Qian He | France | 2023 | 23min Dismantle Me A smouldering-hot trans woman helps a heartbroken trans man tidy his messy bedroom. Dir. Max Disgrace | UK | 2023 | 13min Where the Wild Frangipanis Grow A loyal assistant in a Balinese ashram is torn between his charismatic guru and an innocent recruit. Dir. Nirartha Bas Diwangkara | Indonesia | 2023 | 15min My Heart is going to Explode! Soojin recalls a girl she slept with in a drunken stupor, as a UFO appears in the skies of Seoul. Dir. Jung Inhyuk | South Korea | 2023 | 20minPT1H26M182024-04-23Queer East Festival 2024. Shorts: Stranger Than Fiction"Queer East Festival 2024. Shorts: Stranger Than Fiction"


April 23, 8:45 pm