Queer East Festival 2024. I Am What I Am (UK Premiere)

Kasumi has never experienced any feelings of romantic attraction. Until now, she has managed to avoid too much scrutiny, but this all changes following her sister’s marriage and pregnancy, which prompts their mother to demand that Kasumi follow suit. But Kasumi refuses to let others define what happiness is, resolving instead to confront those around her and to challenge the very notion of falling in love. Powered by a terrific performance from Toku Miura, who shot to prominence in Drive My Car, Tamada Shinya’s compelling drama offers a rare depiction of asexual identity. Exploring the subtle assumptions about sex and human attraction that govern our daily lives, I Am What I Am depicts the difficulties of having no romantic feelings in a world where love rules supreme. Tamada Shinya is an award-winning Japanese screenwriter and director. He runs the theatre company Tamada Kikaku, and has directed TV shows as well as the feature films Lust in a Karaoke Box, My Favourite Girl, and I Am What I Am.PT1H44M182024-04-23
Toko Miura
Shinya Tamada
Queer East Festival 2024. I Am What I Am (UK Premiere)"Queer East Festival 2024. I Am What I Am (UK Premiere)"


April 23, 6:30 pm