Open City Documentary Festival 2024. Non-Aligned Film Archives 09

In the early 1970s, Breton activist filmmakers René Vautier and Nicole Le Garrec began work on a book and a series of films about politically committed cinema throughout the world. Including films from Sweden, Japan, Palestine and Cuba, Caméras dans le combat was intended to provide an account of how cinema was being utilised within the social, labour and revolutionary struggles of the time. However, neither the book nor the films were ever completed. Conceived from Vautier's notes, found in the AAMOD archives by researcher Federico Lancialonga, this programme pays tribute to the original project whilst also expanding its boundaries to include feminist cinema and the militant images of contemporary struggles. (Annabelle Aventurin & Léa Morin) Remorse (Le remords) (René Vautier / 1973 / France / 12’ / Digital / French spoken, English subtitles) How a filmmaker justifies his choice to remain silent in the face of racism. Oui, mai (Ciné-Tract 027N) SLON (Société pour le lancement des oeuvres nouvelles) / 1968 / France / 4’ / Digital / Silent In May 1968, amateur and professional filmmakers made very short, silent, black-and-white activist films using still images and text. Produced by the SLON collective, these films were shot, edited and screened to activists in the course of a single day. Three Hypotheses on the death of Giuseppe Pinelli (Tre ipotesi sulla morte di Giuseppe Pinelli) Elio Petri / 1970 / Italy / 13’ / Digital / Italian spoken, English subtitles The hypotheses provided by police concerning the death of the anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli, performed by actors from the Street Theatre Group. Abecedario/ B Colectivo Los Ingrávidos / 2014 / Mexico / 5’ / Digital / sound An audiovisual experience of the contemporary Mexican war. Fem Do Chi – Self Defence For Women (Fem Do Chi – Self Défense Pour Femmes) Hélène Bourgault, Bénédicte Delesalle / 1984 / France / 10’ / Digital / French spoken, English subtitles “In this documentary depicting a self-defense course for women. How can one’s strength and anger be used to prevent men’s violence towards women, in order to no longer be a victim?” (Centre Simone de Beauvoir) Nar (Le Feu) IM’média / 2023 / France / 3’ / Digital / French spoken, English subtitles Nar (Le Feu) by the music group Carte de Séjour is a video tribute to Rachid Taha & Mohammed Amini, dedicated to all those affected by racist or security crimes. Ayen pa chanjé Yannis Sentwoz / 2009-2019 / Martinique / 8’ / Digital / French spoken, English subtitles On February 5th, 2019, thousands of Martiniquais took to the streets to demonstrate against the “high living costs” and for higher wages. The 38-day strike resulted in a memorandum of understanding that was partially respected, although it was not enough to erase the colonial burden that Martinique still carries. The Urgent Call of Palestine Ismail Shammout / 1973 / Palestine / 6’ / Digital / Arabic spoken, English subtitles Palestinian-Egyptian singer Zeinab Shaath performs a song of solidarity in this short work by Palestinian artist and art historian Ismail Shammout. With an introduction by Annabelle Aventurin and Léa Morin PT1H30M18 TBC2024-04-29Open City Documentary Festival 2024. Non-Aligned Film Archives 09 "Open City Documentary Festival 2024. Non-Aligned Film Archives 09 "


April 29, 8:30 pm