LIFF 2024. Warhol

A provocative American shock jock finds himself trying to assimilate into the vibrant yet challengingly tethered world of UK radio. His story intersects with those of a resilient deaf girl fighting against the odds, a homeless ex soldier grappling with the shadows of his past, and a young, terrified member of the London underworld. These three tales intricately converge, exploring themes of choice, consequence, and the quest for redemption, all leading to a climax that promises to leave audiences utterly astonished. Andy Warhol, the iconic artist, once prophesied a world where fleeting fame would touch everyone: "In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." "Warhol" delves deep into this concept, posing a compelling question: What extremes might one reach for that elusive spotlight of fame? "Warhol" has been described as a fusion of David Fincher's claustrophobic suspense in "Panic Room" and the intense, dark underbelly of Dan Gilroy's "Night-crawler," earning high praise from Michael Grais, the esteemed screenwriter behind "Poltergeist." This film isn't just a story; it's a raw, unflinching look at the complexities of modern life and the relentless pursuit of recognition in an ever-evolving world. PT1H25M18 TBC2024-04-26
Shelley Atkin
Corey Johnson
Gethin Anthony
Kashif O’Connor
Araloyin Oshun-remi
Sian Altman
Tianah Hodding
Adam Ethan Crow
LIFF 2024. Warhol"LIFF 2024. Warhol"


April 26, 9:00 pm