LIFF 2024. Cookster The Darkest Days

A dyslexic teen misunderstood by his family, abandoned by the system and des-perate for respect, becomes a drug dealer struggling to balance his addiction and debt to a local gangster while a rival threatens to destroy his world, driving him apart from the woman he loves and a daughter he's never known.PT1H58M18 TBC2024-04-27
Craige Middleburg
Nick Moran
Tracy Shaw
Elvira Devinamira
Samuel Staite
Kait-lyn Pang
Adam Jefferys
Julian Gamm
Jamie Robertson
Stephen Roach
LIFF 2024. Cookster The Darkest Days"LIFF 2024. Cookster The Darkest Days"


April 27, 9:00 pm