Films of Resistance: A Night of Palestinian Shorts

Films of Resistance believes in the power of cinema to expose, inspire, reflect, frame and reframe; its ability to incite change and resistance on a local and global level. With documentary and fiction films chosen for their artistic impact, this night of Palestinian shorts highlights the artistic breadth, emotional depth and novelty of recent Palestinian cinema in the face of colonial oppression. The initiative aims to inspire deep thinking, understanding, compassion, and – ultimately – long-term, sustainable and active resistance to the genocide and oppression of the Palestinian people. All funds raised go to supporting filmmaking in the occupied territories of Palestine. For this first screening of the initiative, we have some brilliant (and award-winning) shorts programmed in: - An Orange from Jaffa (2023) by Mohammed Almughanni - One Minute (2015) by Dina Naser - The Silent Protest (2019) by Mahasen Nasser-Eldin - Bethlehem 2001 (2020) by Ibrahim Handal - 120 KM (2021) by Waseem Khair The initiative is decentralised and welcomes others to join and organise their own screenings, too. To find out how, please get in touch – and come along to the first screening!PT1H50M18 TBC2024-06-14Films of Resistance: A Night of Palestinian Shorts"Films of Resistance: A Night of Palestinian Shorts"


June 14, 6:00 pm

Genesis Cinema | Mile End