Common Ground

Big Picture Ranch and Area 23a present Common Ground - a hopeful and uplifting story of the pioneers of the “Regenerative Movement” who produce tremendous quantities of nutritionally dense food and are working to balance the climate – all while bringing our entire ecosystem back to life. The film explores how Americans from different walks of life, different political backgrounds, and different parts of the country share one thing in common –the very soil beneath their feet. The film investigates the power of “regenerative” farming systems –from large to small-scale farmers who are the champions of soil health as the key to unlocking more (and healthier) food to feed America and the world. Cast includes: Laura Dern, Rosario Dawson, Jason Mamoa, Woody Harrelson, Ian Somerhalder and Donald Glover. “FASCINATING.” – “AIMS TO SPARK A CULTURAL AND POLITICAL MOVEMENT.” – Forbes “THE KEY TO SAVING OUR PLANET MAY BE IN THE SOIL.” – Film Inquiry “NEEDS TO BE SEEN BY EVERYONE.” – Digital JournalPT1H42M18 TBC2024-08-01Common Ground"Common Ground"


August 1, 6:00 pm

Genesis Cinema | Mile End