Bar Trash - ANACONDA (1997) - Trash Planet 2

“WHEN YOU CAN’T BREATHE. YOU CAN’T SCREAM.” Join Token Homo for the final Bar Trash of 2023! Together, we’ll celebrate the end of his season of ten eco-horror films, TRASH PLANET 2, and savour what is widely regarded as one of “The 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made” (John Wilson, The Official Razzie Movie Guide). Washed away on a flood of negative reviews and liquid CGI, ANACONDA's bawdy reputation belies significant box office success that led to four sequels – one for the cinema, ANACONDA: THE HUNT FOR THE BLACK ORCHID (2004), and three made-for-TV titles, ANACONDA 3: OFFSPRING (2008), ANACONDAS: TRAIL OF BLOOD (2009), and LAKE PLACID VS. ANACONDA (2015). The seemingly stellar cast frequently out-performs the material and each other… Whilst Jennifer Lopez was nominated for a respected Saturn Award for ‘Best Actress’, Jon Voight was nominated for ‘Worst Actor’ in both the Golden Raspberry and Stinkers Bad Movie awards. What’s more, the animatronic snake (and presumably its CGI alter-ego?) was nominated as ‘Worst New Star’ at the Razzies, and both the snake and Voight were nominated for the ‘Worst Screen Combo’ at the same event (beaten by Dennis Rodman and Jean-Claude Van Damme for DOUBLE TEAM…). If we survive all of this… Token Homo will preview what’s coming up in the 6th sensational season of Bar Trash – VHS USA (Jan to March 2024) – at the end of the show. Bar Trash is a celebration of cult and curious cinema, hosted by queer film fanatic, Token Homo. Films served with themed drinks, introductions, intermissions, prize giveaways, and subtitles/captions (where possible). We aim to end each show by 11pm (timings can vary!). Tickets £3.PT2H25M182023-12-06
Jennifer Lopez
Ice Cube
Jon Voight
Eric Stoltz
Jonathan Hyde
Owen Wilson
Luis Llosa
Verna Harrah
Carole Little
Beau Marks
Leonard Rabinowitz
Bar Trash - ANACONDA (1997) - Trash Planet 2"Bar Trash - ANACONDA (1997) - Trash Planet 2"


December 6, 8:45 pm